Last of the Knowers
This is Roger Browning’s carefully-crafted tale of a man trapped in the Container City, sitting atop its power-providing dam. Confined in this tightly-guarded city since childhood, Jim has only slowly-fading memories of his father’s teachings, his mother’s love, and his siblings – none of whom likely survived the forced relocation to the City.

Under the constant surveillance of killer drones and their “dog” armies, Jim patiently works his way up the food chain, eagerly heeding rumors about the world beyond the drone boundaries and those who may have escaped to it – always looking for a way out. If you were living on swill and working as a slave – even a higher level one – and watching fellow enslaved “citizens” fade and disappear, or survive by using what little cover of night there might be, what would you do to escape? Would you kill? Would you risk your life? Would you believe that if you actually made it out, you’d battle your inner demons over a need to come back?

After years of drudgery, the discovery of hidden technology spurs Jim’s daring escape planning, and opens a door to a series of amazing and challenging journeys – journeys filled with terror, quiet moments of peace, remembering and learning, struggle, success, unlikely partnerships, and some of the best-written action scenes you will ever experience. This carefully unfolding story will lull you… And then pull you to the edge of your chair.

What people are saying about: THE LAST OF THE KNOWERS

“This is the second book I’ve read from this author and all I can say is WOW. I love how the author relates the story of the son, Jim and his father’s teachings. Being from south Texas and raised on a farm, I can truly understand the bond between a father teaching his son and the son using what he was taught later in life. I can’t wait to see what this author writes next. I’m definitely hooked on his style of writing. Thank you for being such a great author.”

– Fred Berger, Amazon Review