The Reckoning of Rance

On May 19, 1975, Rance Abernathy made a deathbed promise to his dying father and best friend. He would hold together the Backed ЯB, the multi-generation family ranch in North Texas, and take care of his mother and kid sister. At the time, he was the one hope.

Hadd, his only other ranching sibling, had been too long on a Navy gunboat on some Vietnam river, and was now helping get the last of South Vietnam’s Navy to the Philippines. His kid sister, Lindy, and eldest brother, Plover, had no interest in the family ranch beyond their next share of its earnings and title to some piece of it. Rance had no inkling of the fences those two conniving siblings and their enabling mother might place in his way. Nor had he any inkling of the designs his dead father’s sister had on the property.

His determination to honor his promise – and his love for the land – through decades of family greed and the feast or famine realities of ranching weather in North Texas meant day work as a hand on any ranch that needed him and constant attention to day to day life. He knew from the time of his oath that he would live a rancher’s life, but he could not know the details of the life he chose – the friendships, loyalty, betrayals and love through thick and thin.

He could not know that he would find kinship with the great Comanche War Chief Quanah Parker as he watched the unwelcome encroachment of strangers on the family ground. How could he know? He took charge when he was fifteen years old.

What people are saying about: THE RECKONING OF RANCE

“The Reckoning of Rance was a deeply moving family story set in a rough and turbulent setting, made relatable by the emotional responses of this first time authors well crafted characters. It gives an insightful look into a dying lifestyle and tells a very enjoyable tale at the same time. As an independent book store owner I am proud to feature this debut book.”

– Sheilah Junge, Book Store Owner